In POP! Slots’ Quick Gold, the bonus is group play that employs profile pictures, multipliers, additional reels, and numbers on symbols

  • Quick Gold is a stepper machine with six stand alone progressive jackpots (image 1).
  • Three or more gold bars earn a spot on the Golden Reel Bonus (image 2).
  • The Golden Reel Bonus has a total of 18 spots and begins when all spots have been filled (image 3).
  • During the Golden Reel Bonus, prize amounts land on the reels as a string of numbers. Images of three players land on the first reel to determine the winner. On top of each player’s image is a multiplier that is determined by the player’s bet amount at the time the spot was reserved (image 4).
  • After each free spin, the symbols of winning players are removed.
  • The Golden Reels Bonus starts with five reels and upgrades with additional reels twice during the bonus round (image 5).
  • On the bonus spin, which happens after six free spins, all players are returned to the wheel for a Winner Takes All bonus spin. In this spin, three players land on the reels, but only one player is picked as the winner (image 6).
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Machine Stats

Game play
Hit frequency 26%
Volatility 4.0
Spins until a bonus 39
Distribution of RTP as % of total RTP
Base game 54%
Bonus game 46%
Gold Reel Bonus 28%
Jackpots 18%
RTP range
Minimum range 70%
Median 76%
Maximum range 83%

– Volatility is the standard deviation of the 10K payouts

– The distribution of RTP is base or bonus game RTP over total RTP

– RTP range is 90% confidence with 10K spins

– More info on our data collection process is in the Appendix

Distribution of wins

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