New Innovations

During the bonus in Jackpot Party’s Rich Little Piggies, players roll dice to move around a wheel. Landing on a pig collects coins, increases a free spins multiplier, and replaces the pig with a bombPlayers spin until they land on a bomb, ending the bonus and starting the free spins.

In Cash Frenzy’s Golden Island Treasure, players progress through a map of five different islands by filling a meter during machine play. Each island has a unique bonus game. After completing all five islands, players unlock a sixth island to play for a jackpot.

Players collect wilds on two reel sets in myVEGAS Slots’ Devin & Dell. On the top reel set, a good cat drops floating halos that become wilds every ten spins. On the bottom reel set, an evil cat stacks flames to create a full-reel wild. During a free spins bonus, players answer moral dilemma questions to determine the free spins multiplier.

Slots Trends

Asian-themed machines are up +2.0x MoM and represented 22% of all tracked machines released in July. IP-themed machines increased +2.8x MoM and represented 17% of all machines released in July.

There was a -2.4x MoM decline in pick’em and multiplier bonuses. This decline is partly explained by a shift towards mini-game bonuses, which increased +2.0x in July.



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Table of Contents


  • Wheel Elimination Mechanics
    • Rich Little Piggies in Jackpot Party
  • In-Machine Quests
    • Golden Island Treasure in Cash Frenzy
  • Multi-Matrix Choice Mechanics
    • Devin & Dell in myVEGAS Slots


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  • Bonus Features
  • How to Utilize Liquid and Grit’s Tools


  • Notable Releases I & II


  • Casino Mechanics Taxonomy
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