Vision of Fortune in Caesars Slots drives both engagement by triggering immediate bonuses and retention by awarding currency that is used for future Boosts.

These elements within a slots machine target Gambler Gails and Sensation Serenas, who are most likely to play machines with Boosts and bonuses that add additional reels, lines, or pays.

In Slotomania’s Forest of Memories, players fill a meter to complete a Book to play a Memory Bonus to finish a Chapter.

Machines with mini games and bonuses with multipliers target Sensation Serenas and Gambler Gails.

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Table of Contents


  • Purchasable Boosts
  • Memory Mini Games
  • Collect & Convert Free Spins


  • Themes
  • Machine Releases
  • Jackpots
  • Bonus Games


  • Notables Releases I & II


  • Slots Product Council


  • Fundamental Motivations
  • Slots Personas
  • Persona Characteristics

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