007 Goldfinger features a wild symbol that awards credits or a wheel bonus, which includes free spins, credits, or jackpots. Before triggering the wheel bonus, a movie clip plays within the reel set … functioning as a type of anticipation mode.

In Magnificent Mysteries, walking wilds during respins move towards each other. When walking wilds collide, the progress meter is filled … eventually triggering a bonus game.

Quick Hit Slots released 19 machines (9 were Dragon-themed … likely in response to Zynga’s release of Game of Thrones Slots). 2 x 3 reel configurations are trending (9% of total machines tracked). Roaming symbols is potentially an upcoming trend (2 machines in May and 1 in April).

Table of Contents


  • Video Integration
    • 007 Goldfinger in Gold Fish Casino
  • Advanced Bonus Game Progressions
    • Magnificent Mysteries in Caesars Slots


  • Trends Summary


  • General Releases I & II


  • L&G Slots Personas
  • Premium Partnerships

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