Use bet up ranges to increase bets per spin with clearer and simpler messaging. Two apps released machines with bet up ranges (as opposed to benefits on every bet). Ranges create straightforward messaging, new marketing areas, and a better user experience.

Employ in-machine collection systems to create intrinsic value for players. Then, consider a competitive feature to build extrinsic value. House of Fun took their popular HOF Legends feature and released a HOF Slot Legends machine that incorporates character collection and progression systems. This gives players colorful collectibles while limiting RTP impact. Test making collections more valuable by pairing them with a competitive feature … as is successfully done in mid-core.

Add a bonus that accumulates in value when certain symbols land. Next, trigger a Deal or No Deal mechanic to interject thrilling moments of choice. In DoubleU Casino Fiery Stallions, players pile up value during the free spins that is awarded when a ‘Collect’ symbol lands. Consider adding this type of mechanic to the base game to increase excitement.

Monetize a small, yet high ARPDAU, player persona with entertaining and social content.Included in the February 2019 Casino Report, POP! Slots had a 58% WoW revenue spike attributable to a machine release that caters to high-spending Sensation Serenas. The machine was initially unlocked for all players … and then level-gated. Download the February 2019 Casino Report to learn more.


Classic themes in video-style machines appear to be trending.


In Slotomania Rapid Chili, players earn Badges by completing in-machine challenges. In DoubleDown Casino Legendary Pandarcher, special symbols in the respins multiply the winnings of adjacent symbols. And, in Caesars Slots Savannah Riches, Rocks serve first as blockers and then crumble, increasing the chance to trigger a bonus.

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