Executive Summary

Coin Drop Mechanics

Revenue was +5% and downloads -30% WoW after the release of The Legacy of Bonnie & Clyde machine in Cash Frenzy. Other events released during this period likely contributed to the revenue increase.

Coins fall from the top of the machine to spell “WILDS” below the reel set. Filling all WILDS spots in a single spin converts extra coins to wilds. The machine also includes a Deal or No Deal mini-game.

To increase bet sizes, market a bet-up mechanic or bet dialogue after big wins or losses. According to research, these are the moments when players are most likely to take bigger risks.

Mini-Steppers with Board Games

Revenue was +6% and downloads +16% WoW for the week following the release of Fantasy of Oz in DoubleU Casino. Other events, including a sale, likely contributed to the revenue increase.

In the machine’s mini-game, players spin a mini-stepper machine to move across a board of coin bonuses and multipliers.

Augment the popular mini-stepper bonus game with a board that contains boosts and Whammies, expands as players increase their winnings, and persists across play sessions.



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Table of Contents

New Innovations

  • Coin Drop Mechanics
    • The Legacy of Bonnie & Clyde in Cash Frenzy
  • Mini-Steppers with Board Games
    • Fantasy of Oz in DoubleU Casino

Slots Trends

  • Base Game Mechanics
  • Lines

Market Watch

  • Notable Releases I, II, & III


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