Executive Summary

Story Elements

The Hunt for Volcanus in Caesars Slots combines an RPG-inspired story with mission-based free spins where players use heroes to slay monsters.

Close the gap between social and RMG machines with high-quality story and character content. Use story writers, video producers, and even voice actors to create original IP. Then, leverage these assets to grow a YouTube channel to drive installs and boost engagement.

Multi-Wheel Bonuses

Spinning a bonus wheel awards one of seven potential bonuses—two of which trigger spins on additional wheels showcased above the reel set.

Offer players a range of experiences focused almost exclusively on bonus games or on winning. Release machines at either extreme—for example, tap-and-pay machines without reels—to target players with specific interests.

G2E 2019 Analysis

Table of Contents

New Innovations

  • Story Elements
    • The Hunt for Volcanus in Caesars Slots
  • Multi-Wheel Bonuses
    • Wizards of Fortune in Cash Frenzy

Slots Trends

  • Jackpots
  • Class

Market Watch

  • Notable Releases I, II, & III


  • L&G Slots Personas
  • Premium Partnerships

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