Executive Summary

New Innovations

In Jackpot Party’s Sword of Destiny, there are two prize towers: one with cascading multipliers during free spins and another that increases in value based on numbers selected during a pick’em bonus.

In Slotomania’s 69 Fun, players spin to collect day-of-the-week icons. Collecting all seven icons triggers a wheel that advances players along a calendar. Players also earn machine-specific currency to buy enhancements.

Slots Trends

Multi-matrix and n x n reel set configurations have declined since the start of 2019. Traditional reel set configurations of 3 x 5 and 4 x 5 are dominant. In the past three months, 83.5% of tracked apps have used these two configurations.

Zynga and Scientific Games released the majority of IP-themed machines, which account for 13% of tracked machines in the past six months. As a percentage of total machines released by publisher, 81% of Zynga’s machines are IP machines compared to only 14% for Scientific Games.

Table of Contents

New Innovations

  • Cascading Multipliers on Prize Towers
    • Sword of Destiny in Jackpot Party
  • Calendar Collections & Progressions
    • 69 Fun in Slotomania

Slots Trends

  • Reel Sets
  • Themes

Market Watch

  • Notable Releases I, II, & III


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