Rare Pet Event

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Game of SultansDragon Hatchery builds on the app’s robust pet feature by offering players a chance to earn a firedragon—the first pet in the app’s new “mythic” tier. The app gives players a variety of ways to interact with their pets, which makes rare pets extremely valuable to players.  

In this report, we analyze how Game of Sultans makes the most of this value by requiring a large amount of spend to unlock the firedragon, which led to a remarkable 48% 6Do6D revenue increase.

Breakout and Soft-Launch Apps

Although Argent Twilight follows in the footsteps of other anime-inspired RPGs such as Epic Seven, it distinguishes itself with 3D animations, grid-based tactical battles, and a campaign map with branching paths.

Kingdom Maker is a rare departure from licensed IP for developer Scopely. The app offers deep base-building mechanics and extensive customization, but its most innovative feature allows players to create children who grow into heroes with unique skills and boosts.

Innovative Features and Events

This month’s noteworthy releases include a team-based challenge event in LifeAfter that includes a cross-promotion with the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, a level feature with new buildings, heroes, and pets in Clash of Clans, and a Harry Potter-inspired battle pass season in Pixel Gun 3D.

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