A mini-game with +16% revenue

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Bingo Party’s Ace Detective mini-game event led to a +17% 6Do6D revenue increase, making it one of the most impactful mini-game events of the past 12 months.

During this period, mini-game events in casino apps averaged -1% WoW revenue with a standard deviation of just +/- 8% across 121 releases. This is the lowest impact and standard deviation of any major casino event type, suggesting that successful mini-game events are rare.


In Ace Detective, players collect tokens in order to move on a mini-game board that contains boxes of rewards and clues. Collecting a clue completes the mini-game level and advances players on a treasure map.

Takeaway #1: Add strategic choices to mini-games to create a refreshing break from luck-based gameplay.

Because casino games are so heavily based on luck, you can provide greater variety and reduce burnout by designing mini-games with elements of strategy. 

To accomplish this, Ace Detective shows the rewards in boxes next to the player’s character as well as the location of the final clue box. As a result, players can make thoughtful decisions about which path they want to take.

Takeaway #2: Make mini-games feel more immersive with simple story elements.

Slots players who like mini-games want to be immersed in games to escape from daily life, and research shows that narratives significantly increase goal retention over time.

For inspiration on adding story elements to mini-games, check out Rise of KingdomsPeerless Scholar trivia mini-game, which helped increase revenue +20% MoM. To access this mini-game, players had to build an academy in their cities. Then, the mini-game offered a series of trivia rounds framed as a college course with midterms and finals.

Video Insights: Economy Rebalances

Wizard of Oz: Casino SlotsHuge Rewards Update, which we covered in last month’s report, provides some valuable lessons about how economy rebalances can drive short- and long-term revenue without alienating heavy spenders. Watch the video to learn how to make players feel like they’re getting bigger rewards without overinflating your economy.

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