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Revenue Drivers

Club Features

Revenue Analysis

Club Features that enable sharing lives is driving revenue in Puzzle. Revenue was +25% WoW after Homescapes released a version called Teams … and +20% WoW when Lost Island Blast Adventure released a version called Clubs. Download the 05 2019 Puzzle Data spreadsheet for revenue and download details.

Feature Teardown

In Homescapes’ version, players chat with teammates, request lives, and help other players. Teams in Homescapes is similar to Clubs in Lost Island Blast Adventure, and Teams in Toon Blast. Homescapes’ differs slightly: the leaderboard displays Team members, their level, and their ‘Help’ activity.

Data & Product Insights

Club Features with sharing lives are not yet widely adopted: only 10% of the top 30 Puzzle apps have this version of clubs. 17% of the top 30 Puzzle apps have some version of clubs. See the Puzzle Feature Matrix for a market overview of features by app. Then, use the Feature Database Library tool to see images and videos of all Club Features released in Puzzle.

Companies are, however, capitalizing on this feature: 4 top apps released Clubs in 2019: Teams in Angry Birds Dream Blast, Clubs in Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery, Clubs in Lost Island Blast Adventure, and Teams in Homescapes.


To increase feature adoption, do not push competition on these group-minded players in the design. The target persona, Escapist Emily, wants to be social and collaborative. She does not like leaderboards or tournaments. Email me or watch this video for details about the L&G Puzzle Personas Report and Paper.

Then, allocate pre-launch development to club-based events to release an event right after the feature’s launch. For more details on the pre-launch investment shift from features to features and events, review the Club Features analysis in the 3/19 Puzzle Report.

Add club-based packages to drive revenue, after consistent engagement is established. Four strong examples are Clan Chests in Angry Birds 2, Club Shop in Solitaire TriPeaks, Club Perks in DoubleU Casino, and Club Offer in Huuuge Casino.

Purchase Events

Revenue Analysis

Revenue was +10% WoW, even though downloads were -28% WoW, after the launch of Happy Easter Sale in Seekers Notes. After the sale, revenue sustained at +7% 2Wo2W (see 05 2019 Puzzle Data spreadsheet for revenue and download details).

Feature Teardown

On the sales dialogue, players find hidden Eggs that award energy. Once all the Eggs are found, players can make a purchase to add more Eggs to the dialogue. Eggs collected on the free dialogue award 20 energy, and Eggs collected after a $1.99 purchase award 30 energy. See this video in the Happy Easter Sale Library.

Data & Product Insights

Many puzzle players use puzzle games to train their brain … according to our puzzle personas research (survey data from over 1,500 puzzle players). The motivation to sharpen the brain appears to be an area of opportunity for product teams. So is ‘Having Fun’, which is the most popular reason for playing puzzle games.

The player persona Trainer Tracy plays most often for brain strengthening. However, she can be unsure if games are worth it … so, adding mind-based mechanics to the buy page may push her to convert. Find out more about the L&G Puzzle Personas by watching this video.

Purchase Events are driving results in multiple games. Although a different style Purchase Event, Spring Bundle in Matchington Mansion helped boost revenue +5% WoW and increase transactions (3 of the top 10 IAP transactions in the app originated from this event). For more on Matchington Mansion’s Purchase Event, see the April 2019 Puzzle Report.

Seekers Notes invests heavily in Purchase Events: 33% of the new events released in Seekers Notes in 2019 were Purchase Events … a +22% increase from 2018.

Purchase Events are up nearly 2x in Matchington Mansion this year. New Purchase Events, as a percentage of total new events released, went from 15% in 2018 to 29% in 2019. Understand app investments in Events, Features, or Content using the Feature Database Data tool.

Gamification of the purchase flow remains one of the most under-developed areas of mobile gaming. Smaller improvements this far down in the purchase funnel can have massive shorter-term impact on revenue. Effective copy (headlines and text) will increase conversion.

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