Introduce a timed collection feature to increase bets per spin and spins per day

  • Caesars Slots’ Captain Pelican features an in-machine Puzzle Bonus (image 1).
  • A certain bet is required to activate the Puzzle Bonus. Up to seven puzzle pieces may appear per spin, depending on the bet amount. The higher the bet, the more potential pieces may land.
  • Qualified players collect puzzle pieces during play to complete a collection goal. Each puzzle piece has a collection goal, such as: ‘collect 150 pieces.’ Progress is displayed with a timer and a ‘Tap To Upgrade’ button (image 2).
  • When a collection goal is complete, one of nine puzzle pieces is added to the puzzle (image 3).
  • Completing the Puzzle Bonus before the timer runs out triggers a pick’em bonus for a coin prize (image 4).
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Machine Stats

Game Play
Hit frequency 21%
Volatility 10.9
Spins until a bonus 63
Distribution of RTP as % of total RTP
Base game 63%
Bonus games 37%
Bonus Games RTP Distribution
Free spins 28%
Puzzle bonus 2%
Jackpots 8%
RTP range
Minimum range 83%
Median 101%
Maximum range 119%


Distribution of wins

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