Make a group bonus game by inserting profile pictures into symbols and attaching multipliers to each player. Simplify the payout by making the numbers on the row the base payout

  • In POP! Slots’ Quick Gold, players reserve a spot in the bonus round with three or more gold symbols hitting anywhere on the reels. Players may win multiple spots in the same bonus round (Free Spin Trigger image)
  • There is a multiplier on reel 1 on top of each player’s profile picture. The multiplier is determined by the bet amount when the spot was reserved. The multiplier is applied to the number that lands on the other reels on that row (Multipliers image)
  • As the free spins progress, additional reels are added to increase the payout (Additional Reels image)
  • The last free spin awards one player in a Winner Takes All bonus spin (Bonus Spin image)
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